Wound Care Supplies

For a wound to heal, it needs to be cared for correctly. One of the most important parts of the healing process for a chronic wound is using the right wound care supplies. There are many types of dressings and supplies and each wound is different, so a doctor should determine how to care for the wound. Total Wound Care Solutions makes it easy for providers to order dressings and supplies to be delivered to their patients.

Types of Wound Care Supplies

The type of wound care supplies a provider or patient needs depends on the type of wound and its characteristics. Factors that can influence the type of dressing needed include the thickness of the wound, how much drainage the wound has, and how often the dressing will be changed. Certain products are best as primary dressings while others function as a secondary dressing. 


Some types of dressings are permeable and allow air through while others create a moist and insulated environment for healing. Different dressings need to be changed at different intervals, with some needing to be replaced daily and others lasting a week or more.


There is a wide variety of wound care dressings and supplies, including dressings, films, gels, gauze, and even compression garments. Total Wound Care Solutions offers the following type of wound care products:


  • Calcium alginates and hydrofibers
  • Foam dressings
  • Collagen pads, gels, and powders
  • Bordered gauze & composites
  • Compression stockings, systems, and wraps
  • Contact layer dressings
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Transparent film dressings
  • Miscellaneous wound fillers and gels
  • Hydrogel gauze and sheets
  • Impregnated gauze
  • Retention dressings
  • Specialty absorptive dressings
  • Compression garments and Unna boots
  • Other compression products

Order Supplies from TWS/ROTECH

Total Wound Care Solutions/ROTECH carries a wide variety of dressings and supplies for chronic wounds. We can provide all the same dressings and supplies used in wound care centers, clinics, and hospitals. Our ordering process is simple and we deliver supplies to the patient’s home with next day delivery available to most US addresses. To learn more about our products and ordering options, call our office at 888-858-9988 or contact us through our website.