At Total Wound Care Solutions (TWS), our goal is to make ordering your wound dressings and durable medical equipment quick and easy. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

How do I start using TWS/ROTECH?

Ask your physician to have TWS supply your wound care dressings. Once your doctor places your order, TWS will process your claim, we then ship your dressings to your home or nursing home, and bill your insurance.

What products does TWS/ROTECH carry?

When it comes to wound care dressings, TWS is a “one-stop-shop”. Whatever dressings your doctor uses in their office, we carry. We never substitute! 

Check out our list of available products here.

Can TWS bill my insurance for my supplies?

Yes. TWS works with Medicare or your commercial insurance provider to handle all paperwork and billing for your wound dressings.

What if my wound(s) heal and I have unopened/unused dressings?

If you have unopened dressings you won’t need, simply contact our toll-free number and at no cost to you, we will have FedEx pick up any leftover dressings. Once the package arrives at our office your insurance will be reimbursed accordingly.

Can TWS/ROTECH supply me while I am being seen by a Home Health Nurse?

Yes! So long as your primary insurance is not Medicare, we can provide your dressings and handle all of the paperwork with your commercial insurance provider. If you have Medicare and are being discharged from home health, and you still have wound dressing needs, your home health nurse can set you up with our services upon discharge.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover supplies or I have an out of pocket responsibility?

TWS will contact you prior to shipment if there is going to be an out of pocket cost. Medicare typically covers 80%, and if you have secondary insurance we will seek payment from them for the remaining 20%. If you do not have secondary insurance, the remaining 20% is patient responsibility.

I have run out of supplies. How do I order more?

Call our toll free number 888-858-9988. If you have a valid order on file we will ship out a refill at your request. If you do not, we will work with your doctor’s office or wound care center to submit a new order for you.

My insurance doesn’t cover supplies. Do you allow for self-pay?

Yes! You can call us directly and purchase anything that we offer at a reduced self-pay rate.

How long will it take me to receive my order?

We provide next-day service to almost every address in the United States, including Saturdays.  

If you have a question about our products, ordering process, or anything else that hasn’t been addressed in the FAQ, contact us online or call 888-858-9988 to speak to a representative. Our team is always happy to help with questions and concerns.