Healthcare Professionals

When it comes to fulfilling your patients’ home delivery needs, we understand you want the fastest delivery time with the fewest hold-ups. At TWS/ROTECH your and your patients’ needs always come first. We are constantly finding new ways to better serve both you and your patients, but here are some reasons why we are a step above the rest:

  • We carry a wide selection of products from all manufacturers.
  • We can take orders the following ways: Phone, Fax, and electronically through WoundExpert Software.
  • Within one hour of receiving your order, we process the patients claim and send your office a confirmation by fax or email.
  • All calls to our office are answered by a live customer service representative to handle your needs in a timely manner.
  • Rotech’s Wound Care Complete program makes it simple to use one company for both Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and wound care supplies, providing continuity of care for your patients!