Total Wound Care Solutions is a one-stop-shop for wound care products. You can be sure that TWS will be able to meet your individual needs throughout the healing process so you can focus on recovery.

What Types of Products Does TWS Supply?

We carry all of the dressings used in wound care centers and doctor’s offices, and we understand that different wounds have different needs.  Our full selection of wound care dressings helps make sure you get the right treatment and supplies to help prevent infection, lessen the chance of complications, and start the healing process.

We carry the following types of dressings:

Who Does TWS Supply Products To?

Total Wound Care Solutions provides wound care products to patients in the home setting. We act as a liaison between healthcare professionals and patients and work closely with your wound center to make sure your supply needs are met quickly and easily.

How Do I Get Wound Care Products from TWS?


There are several ways for healthcare providers to order supplies from TWS for their patients:

  • Order Online from
  • Order Through Your Clinic’s EMR
  • Order By Fax
  • Order By Phone

Once orders are placed, Total Wound Care Solutions ships the supplies directly to patients.


Ask your healthcare provider to order your wound care supplies from TWS. After your doctor places an order, the experienced billing specialists at TWS will process your claim. If there is an out of pocket cost to the patient, we’ll notify them before shipment.

We then ship the wound dressings to your home or nursing home and bill your insurance. Our delivery time is unmatched, with next day delivery available to most US addresses.

Find a Local Rep

To find a local representative, call our office at 888-858-9988

If you are looking for a wound care product and do not see it here, contact our office at 888-858-9988, or speak to your local representative directly to check for availability.