Compression Products

Total Wound Care Solutions offers a variety of compression products. This type of wound care dressing is covered by insurance with the presence of an open venous stasis ulcer. If you do not currently have an open wound, please call our office for our exclusive low prices on compression products.

Multi-Layer Compression Systems

Coban 2 Layer

Compri 2

Co Flex TLC

Four Flex




Compression Garments and Unna Boots





Farrow Wrap









Benefits of Compression Products

Compression therapy is an effective treatment for different types of wounds and conditions. However, it is particularly effective in the treatment of venous ulcers and venous insufficiency. Compression products provide relief from venous ulcers and venous insufficiency in several ways, including:

  • Reducing edema
  • Reducing the diameter of blood vessels
  • Allowing blood to return to circulation
  • Improving arterial circulation

While wound care DME that uses compression therapy is beneficial to many, it isn’t right for all patients and should only be used under the direction of a physician. Improper use of compression products may cause complications.

There are many types of compression therapy dressings and they come in different levels of pressure. A qualified doctor can prescribe the right type of garment with the right amount of pressure for your needs. Total Wound Care delivers a variety of wound care DME, including multiple types of compression products, including:

  • Short stretch bandages
  • Long stretch bandages
  • Multi-layer bandages
  • Compression stockings & other garments
  • Unna boots

As your one-stop-shop wound care supplier, Total Wound Care Solutions carries all of the compression garments used in doctor’s offices, clinics, and wound care centers. If you need a compression product not listed here, contact us and we will work with you to get it. We have multiple ways to order, so you can have your wound care dressings delivered with ease. Call us at 888-858-9988 for more information on ordering or to find a local representative.