Bordered Gauze & Composites

Bordered gauze and composite dressings work great as a cover dressing over your primary dressing. They are also great for partial-thickness wounds that need covering. They are indicated for any qualifying wound and can be changed up to a daily frequency.

Total Wound Care Solutions is pleased to offer the following brands of bordered gauze and composite dressings:




Medline Bordered Gauze




Benefits of Bordered Gauze 

Bordered gauze can be used as the primary or secondary dressing and is ideal for daily use. They are appropriate for acute or chronic partial and full-thickness wounds with minimal to moderate drainage.

Bordered gauze dressings are absorptive dressings made up of three layers:

  1. A low-adherent layer to protect the wound surface
  2. An absorbent gauze to absorb exudate
  3. A non-woven adhesive tape that holds the dressing in place

The adhesive tape on bordered gauze helps the dressing maintain a moist wound environment. 

Benefits of Composite Dressings

Composite wound dressings are wound covers that are made up of different components. The different components are combined into a single product so the dressing can perform multiple functions. Composite dressings can be used for absorption, adhesion, or a bacterial barrier. 

Most composite dressings are made up of multiple layers that include a semi-adherent pad or a non-adherent pad that covers the wound. These wound dressings may also include an adhesive border that’s made of transparent film or fabric tape. Composite dressings can be used as a primary or secondary dressing for several types of wounds. Composites can be used along with topical medications.

Order Bordered Gauze and Composite Dressings from TWS

As your one-stop-shop wound care supplier, Total Wound Care Solutions carries all of the bordered gauze and composite products used in doctor’s offices, clinics, and wound care centers. If you need a bordered gauze or composite dressing not listed here, contact us and we will work with you to get it. We have multiple ways to order, so you can have your wound care dressings delivered with ease. Call us at 888-858-9988 for more information on ordering or to find a local representative.