Collagen Pads, Gels, and Powders

Collagen dressings are indicated for full-thickness wounds with minimum or moderate drainage. They can be changed as often as daily or stay on up to 7 days, depending on your doctor’s orders.

Total Wound Care Solutions is pleased to offer the following brands of collagen dressings, gels, and powders:




Cutimed Epiona









Triple Helix


Benefits of Collagen Dressings

Collagen is an important part of each phase of wound healing. It is a protein that gives skin strength and attracts new cells and provides a natural base for new tissue growth. Collagen dressings utilize collagen protein to stimulate healing. 

Collagen dressings come in a variety of formulations including pads, sheets, pastes, powders, and gels. Sometimes these wound care dressings have antimicrobial materials or alginates added to them to further promote healing. Depending on the type of dressing being used, a secondary cover dressing may be required. 

Collagen dressings are indicated for the following types of wounds:

  • Full-thickness wounds
  • Skin grafts and skin donation sites
  • Second-degree burns
  • Chronic non-healing wounds
  • Necrotic or granulating wounds

Collagen dressings are not appropriate for all wounds and should not be used for third-degree burns or wounds covered by dry necrotic tissue (eschar). Because the collagen used in these dressings may come from animal sources (such as cows, pigs, or birds), patients with sensitivities to these animal products should not use collagen dressings.

Total Wound Care Solutions carries all of the dressings used in doctor’s offices, clinics, and wound care centers. If you need a dressing not listed here, contact us and we will work with you to get you the supplies you need. Ordering your wound care DME at TWS is quick and easy. With multiple ways to order, getting your wound care dressings delivered by TWS is simple. Call us at 888-858-9988 for more information on ordering or to find a local representative.