Calcium Alginates and Hyrofibers

Calcium Alginates and Hydrofibers are indicated for full-thickness wounds with moderate to heavy drainage. They are covered up to a daily dressing change.

Total Wound Care Solutions carries the following alginate dressings and hydrofibers:












Suprasorb A

Alginate dressings are strong and versatile wound care dressings that are made of natural materials. Alginate fibers are derived from brown seaweed, which allows the dressing to release natural calcium salts and acids that form a gel that speeds up healing. Alginate dressings maintain a moist environment that helps promote healing while still absorbing excess fluid. They may also be used to dress dry wounds when combined with sterile saline solution.

Hydrofiber dressings combine the benefits of alginate dressings and hydrocolloids [link to hydrocolloids page]. These non-woven dressings are soft, absorbent, and sterile. They are available in pads or ribbons and promote healing by keeping out harmful bacteria and enzymes without damaging the new healthy tissue developing during the healing process.

The types of wounds alginate dressings and hydrofibers are used for include:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Chronic ulcers
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Venous wounds
  • Full-thickness burns
  • Split-thickness graft donor sites

Total Wound Care Solutions carries all of the dressings used in doctor’s offices, clinics, and wound care centers. If you need a dressing not listed here, contact us and we will work with you to get you the supplies you need. Ordering your wound care supplies from TWS is quick and easy. With multiple ways to order, we make getting dressings simple for patients so they can focus on healing. Call us at 888-858-9988 for more information on ordering or to find a local rep.